Privacy Policy

Apart from delivering the preeminent quality products to our customers, we at offer utmost protection to the customers when it involves their private information.

The information that we require from our customers consists of their name, address, relevant contact information and credit card numbers. If delivering to a third-party, we also require the information related to that particular individual. We sometimes collect additional information so that the next visit of that particular individual is even more flabbergasting.

Every ounce of information that is collected from the customers is treated to improve the customer`s satisfaction and to carry out the transactional requirements. The info is also used to

  • Reply to your queries.
  • Make you aware of the latest additions to the store.
  • Invite you to participate in surveys, which provide substantial information about your interests that eventually are used to improve your experience at the online store.
  • Provide information about the current status of your delivery.

The information collected from you is always in the safest hands. Only the listed and associated companies with are handed out a specific amount of information if required, which of course is used to augment your experience, the next time you visit our online store for a purchase. For instance, a third party platform is used to carry out the billing for your safety, which requires some extent of the information that you provide to us.

Just like our products` quality, the safety factor at is phenomenal. Every bit of information that a customer provides upon a purchase is safeguarded and protected to the fullest. It is made sure that the information provided to the affiliated entities is limited and does not consist of any personal information that you have trusted us with.

We also use cookies to collect information about your browsing on our website. This too is done in order to collect the significant information about your interests and present to you only the suitable content.

The privacy policy at is vulnerable to change with or without the consent of its customers. Make sure to visit this section of the store to be aware of the latest privacy policy being practiced.