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Know All About The Iconic Easy Rider (Peter Fonda) Jacket

A look that resonates even today

The legendary countercultural landmark American road drama film of 1969 in which two guys Hopper and Fonda played as the main protagonists and to bikers who traveled across the American south and southwest for a cocaine deal. Peter Fonda became a style icon after this movie and after the 70s he was pretty much a style influencer. Clarice Amberg was the great mind behind this great jacket. Even if you haven't watched this movie yet,  you might get a pretty hot knave in your mind about Wyatt (Peter Fonda) riding that Captain America Chopper wearing that biker jacket. The designer of this great piece is known for the very best use of colored leather, her designs and the final product she creates is a true pieces of art. The desperado mood was created from all the leather jackets, the lettering which was a hand cut, and also the denim vests which were actually customized. Wyatt roamed the streets is not so much of a typical hippie, showing his shiny hair which was short, a black color tight suit, very flowery neck scarfs with Mexican embroidery, and a shirt With kaleidoscopic print on it. In the 70s it was kind of a breaking stereotype attire. But you can say that Hopper was the typical hippie with his bandanas, necklace with teeth, long long hair, and that fringe jacket. Wyatt was all black in the dressing while Hopper contrasts him with all brown.

Daredevil Peter Fonda

Embracing individuality is what it is shown by Fonda's dressing. The jacket's very hot, modern, and slick. The flag that is imprinted on the back represents that the man is patriotic while at the same time showing irony about the government which was interested in war with Vietnam. At the end of the movie, Fonda covered the dead Hopper with the jacket showing the flag which was the representation of a soldier's coffin with draped flag.

Specifications of the jacket

I'd is made from pure 1.2mm cowhide leather, with full grain A1 grade. Very comfortable,  not too thick or not too thin like calfskin or Nappa. High quality contains extreme durability. Soft padded armor is available on the shoulders, back, and elbows. Undeniable 70s coolness. Zipper cuffs and also added with zipper front for full closure. A stunning black color. The design of the collar is a snap tab to give closure. The neck is plain and on the front and the sleeves there is a blue, red, and white combination of strips given. Along the waistline, slant pockets are given, and above the chest zipped pockets. For casual gatherings or suited for thrilling bike rides. Great for wear all year round with double stitching.A U.S. flag on the back. Polyester and satin lining inside. Two out and two inside pockets are given. A cafe racer tough look. Many replicas are available in the market.

Product Description:

  1. Black color leather jacket with a stunning color combination of white red and blue at the front and sleeves
  2. YKK zipper front for closing
  3. Snap tab collar design for closure
  4. Movie: Easy Rider
  5. Worn by: Peter Fonda (Wyatt)
  6. Plain back
  7. Zipped pocket above chest and slant pocket along the waistline
  8. YKK zipped cuffs for comfort
  9. Replica Easy Rider jacket
  10. Free shipping Worldwide
  11. Custom changes are possible on this easy rider jacket
  12. The American flag could be made on the back of the jacket

What happens to the jacket?

After the movie ended,  Peter Fonda was quite obsessed with the jacket. It is said that he wore the jacket  until it got completely worn out after that what he did was he framed the US flag patch that was  at the back of the jacket and framed it on his wall  and then he auctioned the jacket at an approximate $90,000 in 2007.

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