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When we get to hear the phrase ‘business casual attire’, what generally comes in our mind is the dressing that appears professional but has that perfect casual touch.

Essentially, there is no surefire definition of business casual attire. Rules that go for me may be different for you depending upon several factors that need to be considered beforehand.  

Yet- we all want to dress our best, or say, dress to success!


While you get into the depth of understanding the concept of business casual attire, one thing that becomes clearer and clearer is the fact that your appearance needs to look less formal against those conventional business dressing standards, yet, produce the desired level of a professional impression as the need of the hour.

For that, maintaining equilibrium is important as you can’t focus more on a particular side while giving less attention to the other. On top of that, you also need to ensure that you are rightly following your:

ü  Company’s culture

ü  Age

ü  Weather conditions

ü  Society

Confusing isn’t it?

Well, to solve this very confusing dilemma, we have come up with some smart ideas for men to balance that professional-casual look keeping their workplace culture, age and weather in mind.

What are these and how helpful these can be, let’s get to learn.


If your job revolves around ‘work behind the desk’ nature that is usually in banks and law companies, you can simply go for:

 1.     Blazer :

This is a closet must-have and is largely regarded as the future of office wear. However, keep in mind that not all colors in blazers are meant to be your ideal companion as you are bound to balance your look between the two styles.

Thus, you're go-to colors are the darker ones in wool material. If you need to make a stronger impression, consider the double-breasted design instead of single. 

2.     Sports Coat:

If your preference is more towards nailing your look with a sports coat against blazer, we advise you to pick soft patterns and colors in cotton. Not only cotton is comfortable, but is equipped with great moisture-resistant powers as well.

3.     Full Sleeves Dress Shirt:

A dress shirt in cotton is a graceful choice for young and aged, especially when you are clever enough to pick pale colors. The look can be further enhanced through adding a cool knit tie. 

4.     Neckwear:

To put on or not to put on neckwear is totally up to you, but let’s admit that it works brilliantly to excite that business informal character you are up for. Now there are many options for you to take into account like a knit tie or grenadine tie but our all-time favorite is a bow tie!

5.     Trousers/ Dress Pants/ Slacks/ Denim:

Now let’s start with trousers first. If you have a contrasting blazer- you can ideally pair it with khakis or chinos. The same rule applies to dress pant and slacks- the suitable colors of which can be black, navy blue, grey, and brown.

Since its a workplace at the end of the day, you can’t think of sporting extreme casual stuffs like sweatpants, shorts, draw-string and street style jeans, but if you feel your office environment is relaxed enough to accept denim, you can think of tight-fitting denim.

6.     Sweater Vest and Cardigan:

If it’s cold, think of layering your attire with a grey knitted vest. However, you can further spice up your look by layering it over a white turtle neck. If not vest, young and preferably aged men can gracefully carry a wool cardigan, which is often regarded as the staple in this form of attire.


Public interaction generally demands you to be in a semi-professional clothing state and hence, the guidelines mentioned for white-collar workers above are perfectly apt for you to follow.

But if your interactions are confined to your colleagues for any XYZ reason, you can go for a more relaxed look with ideas like:

1.     Jackets:

If your real leather jacket has a subtle design and a look too decent to the eyes, you can feel free to compliment your professional look through it, instead of considering a cardigan or blazer. Bear in mind that your jacket must feel light in weight and is particularly breathable for that all-day comfort. 

2.     Shirts: 

Get yourself a white button-down oxford to check factors like refinement and classiness while dressing up professionally casual. Colors that can also create the same magnificence for you is the soft pink, light purple, etc

Besides, there is no harm in sporting delicate patterns such as pinstripes and gingham as well. As far as anything appears gentle and not bold and chic- you can trust it with confidence.

2.     Neckwear:

Then again, this is an optional addition to your business casual attire but the magic it creates on jackets and vests makes it hard to resist.

3.     Pants:

If you are okay with dress pants, fine but if you wish to make your look more compelling, we suggest khakis and chinos for that matter. Besides, you can also keep corduroys in your options list but make sure whatever you choose, you pick it in a dark color unless the weather is warm. 

5.     Knit Vests/ Sweaters/ Cardigans:

In case you don’t have a leather jacket or are not in favor of wearing it, you can look onto other outerwear options like knit vests and cardigans. No wonder, these are great in creating a style statement for you, while keeping you comfortable, warm and classy at the same time. 

So- that was all about business casual attire that has no precise rules and regulations but some restrictions to be followed. Follow the standards and get the oomph in your confidence needed to outshine!


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