Male model dies after collapsing on catwalk at Sao Paulo Fashion Week
02 May

Male model dies after collapsing on catwalk at Sao Paulo Fashion Week

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During the fashion week The Ocksa’s runway show at Brazil São Paulo became a Funeral show after Male model died after collapsing on the Catwalk. The model's name was Tales Soares, who was a Brazilian 26 years old and liked to call himself Tales Cotta while at work. The people thought that his death was framed and faked in order to make the show famous they soon realized that it was not an act and the tragedy that occurred was all real.

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Camera capture the whole scene of Soars who walked till the end of the stage then turned but then staggered and fell Face Down. The medics rushed to help him and they took him to the hospital but he was declared dead by the doctors.

The Oaks and its organizers very shocked by the incident. They gave a statement that said, "We're sorry for their loss and send our deepest condolences to Tales' family and we are providing all necessary assistance at this sad time". 

Base management the company whom tales worked for described him a person who exhibited exemplary behavior 

There was another statement is given which said that tales was never seen having a complaint about any health issues. He was vegetarian and he always took a very healthy diet. He did not do any illicit substance and he was in perfect condition to participate in the show. 

Tales was seen foaming at the mouth after the fall. However, the medical report hasn't been shared with the general public yet. There is still autopsy to be completed.

On Instagram Sao Paulo Fashion Week posted the following words

"May God welcome you with open arms! Life is definitely a catwalk, we’re just passing through!” the post said calling the news “very sad!”

A few hours earlier Tales seemed to be excited about the upcoming show as he was seen posting his pictures on the Instagram account about the upcoming fashion show events.

It all happened so fast and unexpected that everyone was shocked. It was considered to be an epileptic fit or congenital problem. 

Rogério Campanelli who was Tale's Agent said, "This has been a shocking series of events that we’re trying hard to piece together. But everything happened so suddenly and unexpectedly".

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