How To Properly Maintain Your Leather Jacket
20 May

How To Properly Maintain Your Leather Jacket

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Leather jackets were introduced in the 20th century. They were invented in World War II specially designed for the Armed forces. As the world went by, the trend shifted towards the popularity of leather jackets and people started considering the leather jackets as a fashion statement.

Leather Jackets and the modern world:
From any hollywood to bollywood Star, male or female, the leather jackets are considered VERY COOL to wear and considered a fashion statement.Wearing a leather jacket makes you look more noticeable, stylish and prim and proper weather among friends or family.

Taking Care of your leather jacket:
However if you own a leather jacket then you need to maintain and take care of it as well so that your looks would not be compromised and you will look as attractive as cleaniness and maintaining your clothes is an essential part of your hygiene and your looks. Taking proper care of your leather jacket is essential so that the colour would not fade away and the shine and colour remains intact and any scratches and strains might not be visible on your leather jacket.
Types or Kinds of Leather Jacket:

However before proceeding further, to have the required knowledge of the types of different leather jackets is also important. There are several types of leather jackets made from tanned hide of different animals. These are

Dry Cleaning:
If your leather jacket strains and you have not cleaned it immediately and the strains gets absorbed by the jacket then it is highly recommend that u take your jacket to the dry cleaners.

In Case of Strains or Scratch on Your Leather Jacket (tips and products to use and what to avoid)
In case of any strain or scratch there are several techniques that you can use, if you are not going for the option of handling your jacket to a Professional Leather Cleaner or dry cleaners.
Firstly there are many products in the market such as Sprays and Wax that are used for cleaning, however never compromise the quality and never go for a cheap product as it can really dry the leather or make it worst.
Always use HEAVY WAXU as it is more reliable. It can also become stiff if the right quality is not used.
Avoid products that have mineral oil, petroleum, shoe polish to clean the leather.Use the shoe polish if your jacket is in a very bad condition and clean the jacket by gently and lightly rubbing the brush on the places that required covering and cleaning the strains.
There are several Leather CONDITIONERS in the shops. Leather conditioners are a very good means to clean your leather jacket as it gives good results and keep the leather soft by providing it moisture , giving it a life.
Another amazing tip is to use Simple wipes to clean the material. You can go for Baby wipes to remove any strains, baby wipes are reliable and can give you surprisingly good results.
You can also go for pure natural oils as they can give your jacket the desired shine you want but on the other hand they might make the jacket dark afterwards and they may soak in the leather to make it a lit greasy. Also, cleaning it with a lotion might as well darken it.
There are many Leather Cleaner Products. Always purchase a high quality somewhat expensive speciality leather cleaner product beacuse a good leather cleaner product will ensure the softness of the leather jacket.
Before you go on applying some product on a jacket, firstly test in on some other leather cloth (if you have one) or test it on the insides of the jacket.
To protect and maintain the leather jacket the tips and instructions also usually comes with the purchase of the leather jacket. After the purchase, read the special instructions carefully and try to follow it as well.
In Case your leather jacket gets wet:
If your jacket gets wet by any means such as spilled water or drenched in rain then try to let it dry naturally from wind or sunlight. Make sure you have dried your jacket properly before keeping it back in the closet.
Making your Jacket Water Resistant Or Water Proofing Your Jacket:

If you want your leather jacket to last very long then water proof your jacket and make it water resistant as soon as you purchase the jacket. There are several Water Proofing agents available, choose the best one, and never compromise for quality.
Protecting from heat:

Heat can damage the jacket and the material. Keep it away from heaters or stove or for instance radiators.

Should you Iron it?
If your jacket gets wrinkles then avoid ironing it directly on the material , hence, hand the jacket to the professional leather cleaner or else put the jacket under some cloth and then iron it.
How to wash it:
Avoid washing it in the washing machine.  The important tip is , Always use mild soap if you are willing to use a soap or clean it with a mixture of Warm Water and Detergent. If the jacket smells then use a lemon juice as well. Avoid using too much Detergent. If your jacket has mold on it then Alcohol could also be used as a cleaning agent. Donot try to soak the jacket in water as the leather would absorb it and it would damage the material, but try to twist out any excess water that is soaked on the cloth that you are about to clean your jacket.
If the Jacket Smells:
If your leather jacket has any sort of smell then you need be cautious of insects as they can damage your jacket. Well if you spray any sort of pesticides on it then the smell may remain on it, and it might reduce the risk of having pests on your jacket. If you are planning on storing the jacket then make sure to dry clean it before storing. For normal cleaning try cleaning the jacket with a damp cloth. These methods would not affect the feel of the leather jacket. Try to take your jacket to a Professional leather cleaner.
Keep your Leather Jacket Dry:
It is very important for a leather to remain dry . Donot keep it in a damp place, make sure the place is dry such as the closet.A leather should always be kept in a way that it can beathe. Try to keep it at a normal room temperature. In case your leather jacket gets wet or soaked in rain then let it dry as soon as possible.
Some More Important Tips:
In order to keep the feel of the leather, in order to keep the shine and the dye intact always wipe the jacket with gentle hands, never scrub vigorously.
Make sure that your leather cleaner products are not inflammable or with a harmful odor to humans
Always use a mild soap to wash
Donot polish your leather jacket frequently polish very seldom and avoid polishing it from the polish made for shoes.
Nail polish remover can also be used to clean strains
In order to hide Scratches you can use the same colour marker as your leather jacket colour and then colour your leather jacket with the marker to hide scratches
Scratches can also be overcome by doing the leather dye
Moreover hang your jacket in the closet properly wrapped in plastic sheet. In order to keep the jacket in proper shape hang the jacket on a wooden hanger.

All these techniques can also renew your old jacket in a bad condition and it would remain shiny and extravagant as you want it to be and right back as it looked when you first bought it.

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